What is RET-positive cancer?

RET-positive cancer is a type of cancer caused by a mutation or abnormal re-arrangement (or abnormal fusion) of the RET gene. Specifically, abnormal fusion of the RET gene with other segments of DNA occurs in 1-2% of all lung adenocarcinomas (or Non-small cell lung cancers, NSCLC) and are so-called “driver mutations”, causing these abnormal cells to multiply and spread. RET point mutations also occur in over 90% of inherited forms of thyroid cancer, with both abnormal fusions and point mutations of the RET gene also occurring in around 20-40% of sporadic thyroid cancers. With increased prevalence of genetic testing of all cancer types, RET alterations are now being discovered in many other types of cancer as well.

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Find hope and a sense of community in both of our private online support groups on Facebook: RETpositive, formed by patients and caregivers dealing with any RET driven cancer, and LUNGevity RET Renegades online support group on Facebook specific to those who are facing RET positive lung cancer. We understand what you are going through and hope to share what we’ve learned on our journey so far.

Connect with members, stay informed and join in the conversation by following the twitter feed @RETpositive: Research, news and advocacy for caregivers and patients with RET-driven cancers. Knowledge is power! For the LUNGevity sponsored twitter feed with news specific to Lung Cancer with the RET mutation, also follow @RetRenegades: sharing resources for lung cancer patients impacted by the RET mutation.


Knowledge is power

Learn about standard of care treatments, cutting edge research and clinical trials for therapies recently approved or in development for those with RET positive cancer.

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