Developing Novel Immunotherapeutic Treatments for RET-Positive NSCLC

We discuss Dr. Reuben's (Department of Thoracic-Head & Neck Med Onc, Division of Cancer Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center) novel research project. A RETpositive research grant is helping to find new ways to harness the immune system to tackle RET-driven cancer.


RET, MET, and EGFR: An Unusual Tale of Three Oncogenes in Lung Cancer

Ms. Omaima Salous (RET+ NSCLC patient, Hamoui Foundation co-founder), Dr. Hilary Hammell (RET+ NSCLC patient, RETpositive co-chair), Dr. Upal Basu Roy (Lungevity Foundation) and Dr. Tejas Patil (University of Colorado) discuss Dr. Patil's project targeting different signaling pathways in RET+ NSCLC and why this matters to patients upon progression on targeted therapy. Dr. Patil's project, now in clinical trial, is supported by a Hamoui Foundation/LUNGevity Foundation award for RET+ lung cancer.


  • RETpositive co-founders Dr. Aliye Bricker and Nicolas Le Bel discuss selective RETpositive cancer inhibitors with oncologists Dr. Vivek Subbiah of MD Anderson Cancer Center and Dr. Justin Gainor of Mass General.

  • How do the FDA-approved RET-targeting tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) work?

    • How do these treatments - Retevmo and Gavreto - differ from each other and how are they different from immunotherapy and chemotherapy?
    • How should treatment be sequenced in newly diagnosed patients?
    • What are the common side effects of these RET TKIs?
  • RETpositive discusses biomarkers in RET-altered malignancies with Dr. Maria Cabanillas (MD Anderson Cancer Center) and Dr. Vivek Subbiah (Sarah Cannon Research Institute).

  • Biomarkers and RET

    • What is optimal testing to identify RET+ cancers?
    • What are the pros/cons of tissue biopsy and liquid biopsy upon diagnosis?
    • What are the cost implications of testing?
    • How long should I wait before starting treatment?
  • How does testing differ upon progression from initial diagnosis?

    • How do treatments vary upon progression? Can I switch RET inhibitors? What about chemo
    • What is the role for clinical trials upon progression?
    • What is the role of local radiation treatment or percutaneous RFA to localized metastasis?
  • Our all-star oncologists, Dr. Alex Drillon (Memorial Sloan Kettering Research Center) and Dr. Vivek Subbiah (Sarah Cannon Research Institute) discuss next following resistance and cancer progression on RET-targeted therapies.

  • Moving Beyond Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

    A conversation with Nicolas Le-Bel (RETpositive board member) and Dr. Alex Drilon (Thoracic Oncologist & Early Drug Development Specialist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center). Dr. Drilon is also a recipient of a 2022 Hamoui Foundation/LUNGevity Lung Cancer Research Award for RET-positive lung cancer. Thank you to the Hamoui Foundation for their partnership.


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