#IAmRETpositive : Who We Are

“There’s a lot of joy in the life you are given after a cancer diagnosis. It just may look a little different than the life you were expecting.”

RETpositive is a patient-driven nonprofit that aims to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of RET-positive cancer patients by raising awareness, providing patient + caregiver support, and funding medical research for RET-driven cancers.

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  • Chad

    Chad, an avid mountain biker and father who had never smoked, was diagnosed with RET+ lung cancer at age 45. He and his wife Allyson flew from Utah to Boston to be part of this video just a week after learning that Retevmo, his targeted therapy, was no longer working.

  • Sara Jane

    Sara was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2010. "I've had it all - chemo, radiation, immunotherapy, surgery - & since 2017 a targeted therapy known at the time as selpercatinib (now Retevmo), which has kept my cancer at bay. I've seen progress in the lung cancer field that I never could have imagined in 2010. Research has saved my life."

  • Brittany

    “Because I lost my Mom when I was a teenager, I put myself in my son’s shoes. I would have been extremely upset if no one had told me that she was sick. So we decided to tell my son. We told him ‘Mom has germs in her body, and the doctors are working hard to figure out how to fight those germs.’ We make the most of every minute we have together. We are still here. As long as we’re here, we have a voice, and we are working toward finding the next treatment.”

  • Linda

    “I’ve never smoked. I’m a non-smoker. That was my immediate thought. I couldn’t absorb that I had a mass in my lung. When I found RETpositive, I was amazed by the stories, the research that was out there, and the idea that there was hope.”