New collaborations set to attack RET driven non small cell lung cancer

Exciting news from RETpositive and our partners at The Happy Lungs Project! This is a new initiative bringing together and funding several top institutions all across the US to work exclusively on RET-positive lung cancer! The work will broadly focus on three categories:

  • the creation of an international registry (the RETgistry) of patients with RET+ NSCLC, including clinical data and biopsy specimens which will help accelerate research

  • several initiatives for preclinical research, including large-scale screenings for combination therapies and research on resistance and persistent disease

  • research on immune therapies for RET, including cell therapies (similar to CAR-T) and vaccines

We are very excited to work with HLP and so many world-class RET experts on this, and plan on keeping everyone up to date with all the developments and bringing you more detailed pieces on the projects which will be funded (hopefully including recorded discussions with the researchers themselves!)

Note that this is in addition to the $1.2M worth of grants from RETpositive and The Hamoui Foundation which were raised in 2021. With the help of Lungevity, our team has already settled on 5 amazing projects which we'll be funding, and we are very much looking forward to sharing them with you.

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