The RET advocacy community grows with launch of the Happy Lungs Project!

The RET advocacy community grows with launch of the Happy Lungs Project!

RETpositive is excited to announce another key addition to the RET community: The Happy Lungs Project! We have had initial discussions about collaborating on RET specific medical research and other opportunities, and our goals are well aligned. We are looking forward to creating a better future for everyone impacted by RET driven malignancy.

One of the founding members, Sophia Fineberg writes:

“We are driven to support novel testing protocols, the development of targeted and individualized therapies, and research on new uses for existing pharmaceuticals. We hope to raise awareness, encourage early detection, and alert patients and their families to new clinical trials which may create the next generation of life saving treatments.”

The Happy Lungs Project is currently funding a grant to identify T cell receptors with therapeutic potential against RET-fusions and to investigate drug repurposing for RET-independent and RET-dependent mechanisms to be used in conjunction with currently available RET-inhibitors, Selpercatinib and Pralsetinib. This will occur at MD Anderson Cancer Center under the direction and supervision of Dr. John Haymach.

With this addition to the RET advocacy community, we are even more hopeful for potential therapies focusing on overcoming RET driven cancers.

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