Major research project opportunities for cancer researchers working in on RET-positive specific TKIs, immunotherapies and related fields


RETpositive prioritizes research that seeks to overcome mechanisms of resistance to RET-targeted therapies and elucidate why up to 25% of patients fail to respond to current RET targeting agents, why not every patient becomes NED, and what advances in immunotherapies would elicit better responses from more RET patients. RETpositive also prioritizes projects looking at novel approaches to overcoming malignancies driven by RET fusions or mutations, including those involving CRISPR or protein degraders. By funding projects that seek to overcome or prevent resistance to established RET medications, or by helping advance research in RET-specific immunotherapies or related fields, we seek to transform RET-positive cancer into a manageable chronic condition.

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While increased understanding and employment of precision medicine practices means that a growing number of cancer patients are being diagnosed with RET, it remains an uncommon cancer driver. It can be challenging for patients to stay up-to-date on every new development relevant to their treatment. This is why one of our goals is to provide short format, high-quality summaries of the latest advances in the management of RET-driven cancers based on peer-reviewed publications and evidence-based data. We forward our mailing list, which includes patients, clinicians, and researchers, the latest updates from the major cancer conferences, including AACR, ASCO, and ESMO.

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